Farmcrusher 940 hammer crusher

Straight-driven and high-quality hammer crusher with utility model protection.

Powerful and efficient

The Farmcrusher is a straight-driven hammer crusher, fitted with large hammers. Thanks do its large circumferential speed and heavy hammers, the rotational energy of the crasher is high, ensuring efficient crushing.

Reliable and clever

The machine is fitted with a revolution guard, which automatically adjusts the feed of the material to the machine. Thanks to this, the machine will not become overloaded. This solution has a utility model protection!

A versatile workhorse

The stroke height of the hammers and the feeding speed of the material can be adjusted according to the crushed material. The crusher comes with interchangeable screens, making it possible to adjust the size of the crushed material by changing the screen size.

Easy to maintain and use

The crushed material is directed to the desired location using a special blower, which is fitted with an adjustable funnel. The feeding hull of the material can be lifted up hydraulically, making it easy to empty, service and clean the machine.

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Farmcrusher with straw accessories
Farmcrusher with grain accessories

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