Beltscoop 700 bedding material spreader

Powerful and efficient

Finnish quality

With the Beltscoop spreader, spreading bedding is easy and fast, and the bedding is spread evenly.

Keep the barn dust-free

You can grind large amounts of straw to be stored at bedding material storage, saving time, and making the barn dust-free.

Make operations more efficient

The peat can be spread with the same equipment, straight from the storage to the barn, or underneath the cages at fur farms.

Less noise and dust

The amount of dust and noise created during the bedding material spreading process is considerably lower compared to bale shredders, which use a blower to spread the bedding material.

Cost savings

Beltscoop enables to use different bedding materials and mixtures thereof, so it is possible to use the most suitable and affordable option for any room.

Versatile innovation

With compact loader models, you can spread bedding material even in cramped spaces. It is also possible to use this machine for feeding animals.



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