The efficient Farmcrusher is a straight-driven hammer crusher, fitted with large hammers. Thanks do its large circumferential speed and heavy hammers, the rotational energy of the crasher is high, ensuring efficient crushing.

The machine is fitted with a revolution guard (with a utility model protection), which automatically adjusts the feed of the material to the machine. Thanks to this, the machine will not become overloaded.

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Suitable for spreading peat and sawdust as bedding material, as well as straw chopped in a bale shredder. This machine has been primarily designed for spreading bedding material, but it is also suitable for distributing and spreading crushed grain, meal, chopped dry hay, fertilizer and other pre-shredded material.

The hot-dip galvanized machines are available in many different sizes, with adapters suitable for the majority of loaders.


The best features and a sturdy structure for earthmoving, levelling and snow removal.

The Wieska brand continues the decades-long development work of the strong VM blades! Among the Wieska blades, you will find a suitable blade for every purpose: from year-round agricultural use to challenging contracting work. You can improve the efficiency of these machines even further with versatile accessories.

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A high-quality and reliable sack hoist with a dual-purpose cylinder for a lock valve. Can be fitted to Bogba L1, for example.

We also take custom orders for hoists for other brands and models!

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Reliable and sturdy cable reel trailer with a carrying capacity of 15 tonnes. Available accessories: a hydraulic unit, a hydraulic rotating device, and special booms.

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