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We collaborate with Nordea Finance, and we can also offer financing for the machine you're purchasing. Paying in instalments is suitable for financing the investments of your company if the economic lifespan of the acquired object is long. The company will obtain ownership of the object after the agreement period.

Financing benefits

You won't need any additional guarantees, as the acquired object will act as a guarantee for the financing. Your production equipment will remain up-to-date and competitive. You can make use of the investment subsidies of the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Overall, the financing solution will make your budgeting and financial planning easier.

Financing features

Self-financing can be a deposit or a used machine. The maximum financing period is 5 years. The payback can be in the form of an annuity, or based on a fixed amortisation schedule, according to the agreement.

The main terms of financing

Before payment, the object must be delivered to the seller and approved. Furthermore, the object must have relevant insurance. If you wish, the remaining payments can be paid in full during the agreement period, at no additional cost.

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Our easy financing solution will guarantee your company's performance, and enables to improve your competitive advantage. Contact us by phone or by filling in the form below, and we will contact you!